Monday, January 25, 2010

Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement

Photography is a way to capture a moment in time, a chance to see nature at it’s finest.

I started taking pictures and snapshots as a hobby. The more pictures I took, the more I realized that all I had to do was look - look for the unusual, the extraordinary - that can be found in all of nature’s glory. Over the years, I discovered that there are no right or wrong views within the natural world.

I entered a local contest almost by chance, and was fortunate enough to walk away with several winning entries, including a first place winner and additional entries that were chosen for publication.

Since then, I’ve had an almost insatiable desire to learn more about my craft, all the while exploring new and different ideas. I’ve learned to see the world in a different light, to find the chiaroscuro in the landscape, to find patterns in the chaos. I find that the everyday things that make up life, no matter how mundane, can and do provide an influence on my works.

As I mentioned previously, I have had to do nothing more than to look for those things in nature that have always been there; the mountain vista, the lake, the waterfall; all of these with a stunning sky and clouds are just a few of my favorite subjects ~ I have found that these scenes hold the strongest emotional response; not just from myself, but from those who view my work.

I am a voracious reader, with a love for fiction, and non-fiction alike. I find that the writings of a diverse group of wordsmiths and lyricists contribute viewpoints – even in passing – that give me ideas that I can later integrate into my works.

I experience a thrill when I know I’ve captured an image that will never be exactly the same again. This delight is further expressed when I see the reaction of others who find themselves enchanted with my images. This is what I believe photographic art is all about.

Doc Thissen, November 2009

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