Sunday, May 23, 2010

I recently embarked on producing a series for one of my classes titled (simply) Light Explorations. I also wrote a new artists statement to go along with this series of eight new images.

“No matter which photographic technique is used, there is always one thing, and one thing only, that remains: the light. Photo-graphy: The writing of light. The light of photography remains proper to the image. Photographic light is not “realistic” or “natural”. It is not artificial either. Rather, this light is the very imagination of the image, its own thought."
- Jean Baudrillard

Having always had a fascination with light, I wanted to conduct what I call a “Light Exploration”. My intention was to use ordinary lighting that could be found at any retail outlet, be it floodlights with color painted on the surface of the lamp, or rope lights, even bare bulbs whose glass surface was colored. With these items, I would paint with the light, and suggest that the viewer look for patterns in the chaos.

All light is color, as all color is light – just look at what happens to sunlight when it strikes a prism. I would use these various light sources and filter their light through things such as plexi-glass, open-air, glass, and water. Water is my favorite of these choices, as it is the most versatile substance with which to filter through – water can be dynamic, such as what is found in fountains, and waterfalls. Water can be static, in a frozen state. Water can be somewhere in between, such as snow – neither frozen or fluid. The beauty of working with water is that no two images will be exactly the same. – maybe the same location or flow, but always a different pattern.

This exploration relies heavily on symbolism – both in respect to the colors used, and the method of the filtration. Water is used as a metaphor for life, with ebbs and flows, always looking to create it’s own path.

Color has a rich history in symbolism and psychology – with a few specific thoughts here: Red is the color of passion, fire, and power. Yellow is the color of joy, hope, sunshine, and idealism. Blue is the color of peace, calm, harmony, tranquility, and security. Green is the color of Earth, environment, renewal, and spring. White is the color of purity, reverence, and cleanliness. Black is the color of depth, formality, style, and mystery. Orange is the color of balance, energy, vibrancy and warmth. The use of color is to emphasize the conflict between these ideas; to suggest that, for example, if there is passion, (red), the opposite would be tranquility, (blue).

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