Monday, March 7, 2011

More information about No Longer Populated.

This image is one of a number of maps that I'm working from for the No longer Populated project; it's dated 1911 and was produced by the Rand, McNally & Company. The towns, trainstops, and waterstops that I'm looking for are currently all in Albany County, I've included the portion of the map that includes Cheyenne as a reference point - given that there are no highways. The places I'm looking to photograph are, (in no particular order):
Dale Creek, (the bridge, specifically the remains of)
Wyoming, (both incarnations - the 1860's version,(listed on this map as "Two Rivers"), and the 1900's version)
Rock Creek
Fox Park, and Fox Park Station
I do realize that most, if not all of these places may simply have a foundation or two that are left; or holes in the ground where something once was; and some may actually have buildings. Or in the case of the bridges; the abutments may be all that remain.

I do have permission from a number of people and property owners but am still seeking permission from landowners who own property where these places are. If you know anyone who fits this description, or have additional history that can be added to this project; please contact me either through the blog comments, or via email:

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