Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The river project will continue...

I've completed this project as of July 4th, 2011. I plan on making more images throughout the fall, winter and spring. If next year, the river floods again, I'll do a follow up. Until then, this one belongs to the world of electrons.

I'm making progress on processing new images, and have decided on a format for the images to be published. In the six images that follow, there is a four-line text that indicates location, date, time of day, and a NOAA gauge reading for the time listed. All locations within the city limits of Laramie, (including the Monolith Ranch), are referenced against the Curtis Street gauge. All locations north of the city are referenced against the gauge near Bosler. Locations south of Woods Landing are not referenced against any existing gauges.

Starting with the headwaters at Chambers Lake, on May 22:

Then again on June 4th:

This project has given me an excuse to explore more of the Greenbelt. This was one of the more pleasant surprises; (May 29th).

I didn't return here until June 5th, and found that my original setting was under water. I ended up moving back to the pathway and setting up there.

The end of Spruce Street in the West Side neighborhood is another location, (May 20th):

A follow-up visit on June 3rd:

Stay tuned to this blog for more images and updates on the web site.

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