Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've been continuing to work on the refinery project these past few months, and am almost done with the stills, (the concrete structures on the south side of the property). I have been photographing and documenting all around the site, but have been focusing most of my attention on the southern end of the property including up to the fence line that borders the site. It is interesting to note that there has been recent graffiti added to the stills, since the LRCD has put up their fence, no less. I've included two images of the recent vandalism. However, I'll start with an interesting image that I shot in late July.
A view from the top of the stills at sunrise
The building on the northwest corner of the property
Inside this building is one of the numerous items of furniture that have been dumped here over the years
Detail of the steel plate
This still support wall was recently tagged, as were seven others
This one was also done recently
A view of the western half of the production line buildings
Southwestern bank of stills
Looking at the back of the production building
The northeast foundation wall of the southwestern still bank
Another view of the production office, note the work by the tagger "Mund". there are several locations throughout the refinery site that bear his name
More of Mr. Mund's work
The northwest foundation wall of the southeastern still bank
Still support wall with the production office in the background
On one of the walls of the still supports
More from one of the still walls
The layers of concrete are crumbling, and some of the graffiti is disappearing as a result
More graffiti
A view of the stills
Another view of the stills
The production office at sunrise

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