Friday, October 17, 2014

Tree Near the Highway

While this isn't a new image, it is one I recently rediscovered. There's a tree I've always been drawn to near my home; I always knew I would capture it, but I would need just the right sky. I think I was successful. 


  1. I especially enjoyed you set on Bosler and the questions you asked yourself. I lived in Laramie in 1982-83. My trips through Flaming Gorge, the Medicine Bow range, Medicine Bow and stopping by Bosler for a little Ghosting were so memorable that I attempt to revisit them when I am back through the area. I know you are busy but if you have the time to email me at, particularly with refrence to the Clown Bar, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. This looks very similar to a tree that is right off of Happy Jack heading into Table Mountain... I'm sure there are many like this randomly in Wyoming but that is what I thought of when I saw this as I have seen it with the sun setting behind it just like this... Either way it is a beautiful shot!!