Monday, October 24, 2011

Pool and basement

I spent some quality time making images of and for this project these last few days. There are some parts of the building which do not have any lights, and have very little in the way of ambient sunlight. Although, I generally try to work with natural and existing lighting, I found that I had to add my own for the pool room. I have been told that the pool was never used because of potential drainage problems, (the pool drain was lower than the sewer). It nonetheless looks like it was a favorite location for graffiti artists. I will be posting more detailed images of the various paintings that are on the walls of this room - both in and out of the pool.
Be advised: If you are easily offended by certain words, you may want to skip the next ten images.

Sink in basement:

A room with a view:

A view of the pool looking north:

Pyro/Laugh Always:

Ice cold:

The edge of the pool:

The original 1878 foundation is visible in this room.

It appears that there may have been a door on the east side of the original building:

I have my doubts about the statement on the pool wall:

A slightly better view of the north wall, (deepest end) of the pool:

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