Monday, October 31, 2011

More of the pool room

I have spent a total of 20 hours, (so far), in the pool room these last couple weeks, and have been astounded by the number of things I've found. I've been told that the pool was built and never used because the drain was below the existing sewer grade at the time, (circa 1926). A number of items pretty much confirm this story to be true; there are several splinters embedded in the walls where the forms were placed to pour the concrete into. There are several drains around the perimeter of the pool; the walls are all stained from (presumably), back-flow from the storm sewer. In the first image below, there is a large pile of debris; this has a combination of twigs, roofing material, and glass from the skylight above.
I will be posting more of the pool in the future, including close-up detail images of the artworks,(graffiti) contained in the room. Along with more information and details of the various debris found here.

A view looking towards the deep end:

Elmers Glue-All and skylight pieces:

In the upper left corner is one of the splinters. The toy cocker-spaniel was probably thrown in here before the skylights were sealed.

Splinter Detail:

Another splinter:

More Elmers Glue-All:

The item in the foreground is a piece of glass from one of the skylights:

A Shim, A Drain and a Pipe:

Detail of this drain:

Bleeding Wall:

My Heroine:

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