Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music Room

I made a return to the fourth floor of the building recently, it's a single room at the center and top of the north side of the building. As mentioned in a previous post, this was last used as a music room. It now sits mostly empty and gutted, with the only indication of its last use being a set of decals on a closet door. There are a few items of interest, such as a ladder, a pile of sandstones, a concrete riser, and the wooden closet door. Even with the absence of a ceiling, lighting, and a couple of window panes, this is one of the more interesting rooms in the building. Be sure to click on the images for a better view! In the corner of the room:
Riser, and closet door:
The door, detailed images of the decals follow:
National Baton Twirling Association:
Selmer Band Instruments:
Selmer Woodwinds:
King Instruments:
The north wall of the music room:

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