Monday, November 21, 2011

Theatre Murals

One of the treasures of the Civic Center are the murals that hang in the theatre. Created by Florence Ellen Ware, (1891-1971), these murals were added in 1929. according to the LPCC web site, these paintings tell the story of the western world, specifically of Laramie and the surrounding area. The first is titled "The Explorers", which has depictions of Ferdinand and Isabella, (the Monarchs who ruled Spain), notable explorers including Lewis and Clark, their guide Sacagawea; Jim Bridger, and Jacques LaRamie. The second, (titled "Pioneers"), is set near Chimney Rock, with depictions of prospectors panning for gold, and settlers who traveled the Oregon trail. The third mural, (in the upper balcony); depicts a stagecoach and a Pony Express rider which where the predecessors to the Union Pacific Railroad. The fourth mural, tilted "Cowboys", (also upstairs), shows a group of of Native Americans, and cowboys on the plains near Laramie. There is also a pair of murals that are underneath the balcony; the first is titled "Homemakers", and depicts a mother and child around a log cabin home. The second, (titled 1878 -1930), celebrates the original schoolhouse, and the achievements of the era; being the locomotive, steamship, motor vehicle, and the airplane. Explorers:
Union Pacific:
The four larger murals:
More information about the murals can be found on the Civic Center website:

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